Mar 21, 2009
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Today, laser hair removal is one of the most popular laser treatments in the world. Laser hair removal is the safer and faster way to hair free skin. Its effectiveness and safety have made most other treatments for excessive hair growth obsolete. The NileCosmoderm has more experience in laser hair removal than many other clinics in Cairo. Since 1999, we have treated thousands of patients, and consider ourselves experts in this field.

The NileCosmoderm has different laser hair removal devices (Alexandrite & Long Pulse Nd: YAG) for better optimization of patient treatments.

The significant technological advantages of our lasers and cooling system over other systems are:

  • All laser hair removal devices are FDA approved for permanent reduction of hair,

  • Wide range of pulse durations which allows for removal of coarse as well as fine hair in different skin types while sparing the skin surface,

  • Longer wavelength of laser which allows deeper penetration, permitting the laser to preferentially by-pass the overlying skin and target the hair follicles below,

  • Only the Nd: YAG laser hair removal device (1064nm) can be safely used on sun tanned skin because this longer wavelength travels past the skin surface leaving the epidermis free of the excessive heat and targets the deeper hair follicle,

  • Effective direct cooling by applying a continuous flow of chilled air to the skin before, during and after laser treatment which efficiently cools and protects the skin surface and minimizes patient discomfort,

  • Quicker treatment, important for great coverage of larger areas such as the back or entire leg,

  • Laser hair removal treatment is fast and affordable. Treatment areas include the face, lip, bikini line, legs, back; buttocks, feet, shoulders, abdomen, chest and any other area with dark hair may be treated. Multiple and large areas can be treated
     at one time with minimal risk.


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