Mar 21, 2009
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Featherlift®, another exciting cosmetic technique developed to restore and maintain your youthful appearance without the use of surgery. Featherlift® is a cosmetic procedure that lifts the face with threads called Aptos® threads. It was developed by Georgian cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Marlen Sulamandize. The procedure actually involves facial lifting, (not pulling) which is done with Aptos® threads. Drooping is ptosis and aptos is anti-droop or anti-ptosis, hence the name Aptos®.

    ● draw back the jowls,
    ● pull back the neck,
    ● raise the cheek,
    ● raise the eyebrow,
    ● last usually 3-5 years,
    ● procedure can be repeated again,
    ● no problems for any other procedures or operations,
    ● avoiding big operations in the future.

® threads are indicated in
    ● any-etiology ptosis of tissues of the face and neck,
    ● flabby, flat face,
    ● Poorly manifested aesthetic contours.


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