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    Treatment FAQ - Featherlift  

How does it work?
The Aptos® threads are made of a monofilament material called "polypropylene". These threads are designed with directional cogs. Once inserted under the skin, the Aptos® thread cog will form a permanent support structure for the tissue of the face and neck, actually lifting and contouring it. There is no surgery involved; rather the Aptos threads are inserted through a needle. Placement is deep into the subcutaneous tissue along the lines where the new contour is desired. As little as three threads will significantly raise the cheek and two threads, correctly placed will draw back the jowls.

Who is a candidate?
All skin types can undergo these procedures. for patients with drooping soft tissue of the face and neck, those with weakly pronounced aesthetic contours, younger people with flaccid or flat faces, and for people with premature aged faces and necks.

What can I expect?
In all cases, the Featherlift® can achieve uniform lifting of the soft tissues for a new and improved contour of the face.

What are the safety & Side effects?
The Featherlift® is safe and the procedure may be completed very timely (as little as twenty minutes). It is performed under local anesthesia with the patient remaining comfortably awake

How long is the recovery time?
After the Featherlift® the patient may return to work as early as the next day, although there may be swelling and there is always a chance of bruising.

What are the pre treatment instructions?
Avoid blood thinners such as aspirin, ibuprofen, naprosyn and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications for one week before Featherlift® as these medications increase the risk of a slight bruise.

What are the rules after the procedure?
● Ice pack (1 day)
● no hot drinks and food (2-3 days)
● relax (1-3 days)
● less facial expressions (3-4 weeks)
● No massage (3-4 weeks).


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